My Kids

I have three.  Isaac, born in early 2005, was named for St. Isaac Jogues but lives up to the Hebrew meaning of his name (laughter).  He pretty much tells a joke better than his parents.  He loves preschool, Bible stories, cars, flashlights, wandering around outside and generally being silly.   If we would allow him never to sleep and to eat only chicken nuggets, his life would be perfect.  Isaac teaches us the joy of each moment.

Peter taught us about God’s will.  He came along a little earlier than we were planning, but we quickly adjusted to the idea that we would havc two boys “so close in age”.  He was born in mid 2006 into a very busy season at work.  Learning to adjust to having two kids and a full time job forced me to adjust my expectations of what kind of mom I could be.  Then, while visiting family for a Thanksgiving, we took him in to the hospital for what we thought was a bad ear infection.  He died five days later of liver failure.  They suspected a mitochondrial disorder.

Gianna has taught us about embracing the Cross.  Though we didn’t know for sure, the doctors gave us a good guess that the odds of another baby having Peter’s disease would be one in four.  After much prayer and discernment, Gianna was born Easter week of 2008.  We cherished her from the womb.  At two months, we had Gianna tested for indications of a mitochondrial disorder.  They came back positive.  The rest of her short life was spent in and out of the hospital and though she was given the best care possible, there simply was no treatment that could save her life.

I refer to Peter and Gia as my saints because they are saints.  They were both baptized and confirmed (and Gia even received her First Communion) before they could commit any personal sin.  I know that they exist now for eternity, face to face with the God who created them.  Every parent wants what’s best for their kids, and two of mine have arrived!  All three of my children continue to teach me much about life, love, the Cross and what’s really important.


3 responses to “My Kids

  1. Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing this blog site with me. I love reading about your children. Thank you for sharing your stories of life, love and the Cross. God bless you, Brad and Isaac! Peter and Gianna, pray for us!
    Because of Him,

  2. Hello there xx

    Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. Can I add yours to my blog links??

    Your blog is beautiful and as for your children, well, there are no words other than those I can utter in prayer. I know you’ll understand that…..

    with love and pax

    Sharon xx

  3. simply gorgeous little corner of the internet, this is.

    thank you for your witness.

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