“Our task is to make the truth visible and lovable in ourselves, offering ourselves as an attractive and, if possible, heroic example. The person who needs to touch and to feel in order to believe will not be easily won with words. Talk alone does not attract, but ‘making things visible’ does.” St. Gianna Molla

This blog is an offshoot of a site which was started during my daughter’s illness and subsequent death in the summer of 2008.  It began as just a way to keep family and friends up to date on her progress, but after her death became the forum for many different reflections on the meaning of death, love and suffering- in light of the Cross of Christ.  After being told from many that these entries were “inspirational”, I decided to branch out to a blog to give God an opportunity to reach a wider audience if He so chooses.

I am a wife, mom, grad student in theology, parish youth minister and most importantly, baptized Catholic.  I am striving for holiness and some semblance of order in life.


4 responses to “About

  1. Welcome to blogging. Adoro sent me over.

    I’m so sorry to read about your family tragedies. The post on the “T-shirt message” was particularly moving.

    I attempt to keep track of Minnesota Catholic blogs. I will add you to my sidebar list.

    Ray Marshall

  2. I have been reading your “stuff” since before Gianna went home. Your grief and joy and understanding of truth has moved me. In my own busy life that is sometimes a great feat. I get consumed in the struggle to do things well and forget to have joy. You remind me to find joy at its source. Thank you

  3. John Schmidt

    I have also lost a daugher named Gianna. Your insights truly capture the thoughts and emotions the parents of ‘baby saints’ experience. I have forwarded this on to many others that are in the ‘club’. Please continue the great work.

  4. Just found your blog and commented on an older post, skimmed some of the new ones, and really like it. I am also a student, I will be starting at Asbury Theological Seminary this fall, in just a few more weeks. I was heart broken when I heart of your daughter’s death, how old was she? I’m a single mom to my daughter Olivia, who will be 4 next month and I can even imagine what it would be like to loose a Child, my deepest sympathy and prayers for healing and peace go out to you. Hope to read more of your blog down the line. Stop over mine when you get a chance as well, I have 2, but the second one is for seminary and only has a few posts so far, but more to definately come. God Bless you and your family and studdies. Robin

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