When I shared the previous post with Brad he asked a good question (the kind you can tell the asker already has an answer ready for):

“What are people who use PGD really after?”

(The correct answer to such a question is always): “What?”


His point was not to condemn those seeking such perfection, but to affirm it.  One of the principles of the Theology of the Body, at least in the way that Brad learned it from the TOB Institute, is that most of the motivations of those actively promoting the culture of death are good.  Jesus said, “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.”  So, the desire for a baby who is perfect is good.  The motivation for a gay couple wanting to get married? To love and be loved. The motivation for an infertile couple to use a donor egg and sperm and invitro? To be parents. The motivation of a couple who aborts their baby with Downs? To spare the child suffering.  These are good desires!

The trick is, that when we don’t channel our desires properly, they end up getting distorted and ultimately, enslaving us.  It is essential that we keep connected to the Source, so that we can keep our number one desire as God’s will.  It is good for us to remember this principle, though.  When we are dealing with people who are ensnared by the culture of death, we need recognize and affirm the desire of their hearts which is in play.  To scold a man for eating out of a dumpster is not nearly as effective as recognizing his hunger and offering him something more nutritious.  We have the Truth, and He is a living person!  And this Truth, of course, is Jesus Christ, who “reveals man to himself”.  In Him, all our purest and deepest desires will be met.  Let us not settle for cheap imitations, and let’s fast and pray that others may come to know Him, too.


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